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Asbobini Reveal Sarahah

It has been a few months, and this social app named “Sarahah” has taken over half of people’s time spent on social media. This has become the new ‘hot topic’ everyone is talking about and using at the same time. So what really is Sarahah? It is an application that lets you send anonymous messages to its users, and the good thing about this is that you don’t have to register yourself on it to be able to send the messages. If you are in no mood to receive them, just send them without having to register; this surely takes a lot of burden off of everyone’s shoulders.

The app is quite simple to operate. All you have to do is download it to your Android or iOS and get started. If you want to receive messages too then for that, you will have to register yourself with the app by giving in information like name and email address. There is also a website that you can access, just in case you don’t have your phone, to see what messages you are getting. The app seems like an interesting one and especially amongst teens because they can’t seem to get off of it anytime soon.

When people are given a chance to say something to someone without having to reveal their identity, they do tend to go over the board. As much as this gets exciting, it gets a little curious for the other person to know who is sending all those messages. You want to find out who has been your secret admire all this time or the other way round. How would you feel if you get to know that there finally is something that can help you crack those names? Pretty excited, right? Well then, fasten yourself because what we have in plan for you is really going to kill that curiosity of yours.

The Sarahah reveal tool is a sort of hack into this app which lets you find out the names and identity of those sending you those anonymous messages. It has a detection system by which the user’s IP address is tracked, and then the relevant details like name and email address are presented to the one locating. The tool is not in any way illegal, so you don’t have to worry about using it. It is just there to make your life a little less curious.

The possibilities with this reveal tool are endless. You now have the chance to know what people at your workplace think about you or whether the people you call your friends are really your friends or not. The sky is the limit with this tool; that is as long as people get to know about it and stop using the Sarahah app in the first place. So, until that happens, use your opportunity to answer all those questions in your head with our Sarahah reveal tool.

Try it and enjoy!

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